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HUD - snap 888, MPN

In poker rooms 888, Lotos, RedStar stats on fast poker tables do not work.

HoldemManager2, PokerTracker4 and other trackers do not support a conclusion the HUD on snap tables, although there is no official ban.

There is a lot of fish at all limits, so good players can earn even playing without stats. But by using HUD where you get a decent advantage, which will allow to rise for a several limits while keeping the same win rate.

I show program to display HUD on the snap tables. Requires HoldemManager2 or PokerTracker4 and .Net Framework 4.

Download trial


Questions or suggestions are welcome - skype ant0hind

Video (turn on subtitles) :


Cost - $5 per month subscription. (if you pay for 2 months - $9, for 3 - $ 13)

Payment Methods:

1. Skrill

2. Neteller

Then tell me on skype ant0hind. I give you a version that will run the appropriate time.

My other poker software

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