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I represent my next poker program LineAnalysis.
Requires HoldemManager2 or PokerTracker4 and .Net Framework 4.

The program shows all the opponent's hands that have reached the showdown, with convenient filters, displaying the ratio of combinations, the sizes of bets by pressing just one button. And only buttons are active, where there are hands.

Personally, I'm much more pleased to treat poker as a game against a thinking person, i.e. Not just look at the stats and make a decision like a bot, but try to understand how the opponent thinks, why he plays in this or that situation and try to outplay him at the expense of it.

Download trial

Questions or suggestions are welcome - skype ant0hind

Video (turn on subtitles) :


Cost - $5 per month subscription. (if you pay for 2 months - $9, for 3 - $ 13)

Payment Methods:

1. Skrill

2. Neteller

Then tell me on skype ant0hind. I give you a version that will run the appropriate time.

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