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Turbo SNG Poker bot

The beta test version so far only supports the 3-max sng.


Other poker rooms and tournaments I will add.

Many people ask about the winrate of the bot. Therefore, I will say right away - if someone somewhere offers you a winning bot, shows charts, etc., this is a hoax. No one will ever give you a winning bot. Do not be so naive.

But you can customize the winning bot yourself. To do this, firstly, you need to be able to win yourself, and secondly, you need to spend time to put this strategy in the bot. Even playing at zero, he can generate income through rakeback and bonuses.

Description of the bot programming language, you will find below, it is simple.

Download trial (10 days):

Skype ant0hind

Just run the tournament and the program.

Poker room should be standard, without modifiers, in English.

Dealer messages in the chat should not be disabled.

Fish Party MPN

Description of built-in programmable logic engine and language.

If...else if...else construct

If the Boolean expression evaluates to true, then the "if" block will be executed, otherwise, next "else if" block will be executed, otherwise, the "else" block will be executed.


If (boolean condition)


else if  (boolean condition)


else if (boolean condition)




Any block or blocks you use in an If...else if...else statement can contain other blocks or other If...else if...else statements.

"else if" blocks can be repeated, at the end there should be a "else" block that will return a value if all conditions are not true.

There should be a separator ";" at the end of the command line.


programming poker bot

Relational operators:

x < y – less than (true if x is less than y).

x > y – greater than (true if x is greater than y).

x <= y – less than or equal to.

x >= y – greater than or equal to.

Equality operators:

x == y – equality. 

x != y – not equal.

Logical operators:

x & y – logical AND.

x | y – logical OR. 

Contains()  - This method searches strings. It checks if one substring is contained in another. 


programming poker bot

Predefined variables:

hand3 - hand in preflop format (of 3 characters), for example "AKo".

hand4 - hand in postflop format (4 characters), for example "AcKd".

betSize - the size of the bet, as the share of the initial pot. Example: if the opponent bets 50 in the pot 100, betSize = 0.5

boardType - board type, for example 8cKd8d - paired with 2 cards of the same suit, boardType = "paired 2flush".

sortedBoard - sorted board without suits (K88)

drawCompleted - checks whether the draw is completed, available at turn or river, yes or no matters.

preflopAct, flopAct, turnAct, riverAct - action on previous streets.

Preflop stats:

vpip (all positions), pfr (all positions), threebet (all positions), SBBUopen (% opening from the button in heads-up), BUopen (% opening from the button against two), SBopen (% opening from SB when the button folds). The last 3 stats include any opening from this position. (all-in, open-raise, limp)

Postflop stats:

flopBetIP, flopBetOOP, flopCbetIP, flopCbetOOP, flopFoldIP, flopFoldOOP, flopFoldToCbetIP, flopFoldToCbetOOP,  turnBetIP, turnBetOOP, turnCbetIP, turnCbetOOP, turnFoldIP, turnFoldOOP, turnFoldToCbetIP, turnFoldToCbetOOP,

riverBetIP, riverBetOOP, riverCbetIP, riverCbetOOP, riverFoldIP, riverFoldOOP, riverFoldToCbetIP, riverFoldToCbetOOP,

flopDonkbet, turnDonkbet, riverDonkbet, flopFoldToDonkbet, turnFoldToDonkbet, riverFoldToDonkbet, 

flopMissCbFold, turnMissCbFold, riverMissCbFold, flopBetFold, turnBetFold, riverBetFold.

All postflop stats take into account only heads-up pots and cannot be used in multivey pot.

If there is no stat, its value will be minus 1, this must be taken into account when programming the bot logic.

Connect to HM2 or PT4 database.

If you are using HoldemManager2, specify the connection parameters in the settings\HM2connect.txt file.

If you use PokerTracker4, specify the connection settings in the settings\PT4connect.txt file and delete the HM2connect.txt.


If the bot does not work.

Check that the room in English, the dealer's messages in the chat are not disabled, the interface is standard.

The program reads data from the screen and probably a problem with it. Click OCR debug and check that the key parameters (stacks, bets, pot, buttons text) are read from the right places. If this is not the case, click on Table Map and correct.

Check that the reading is correct - the data is placed over the screen next to the red boxes.

If there are character recognition errors, click OCR log and the program will record unrecognized characters, after it is closed, the OCRlog.txt file will appear, send it to me.

You can contact me via Skype ant0hind or write a comment below.

You can buy the software with the source code (C#) for $ 500.


Quick comments

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