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Poker software. Real time advisor PokerReader 

I represent one more my poker software. It reads data from the poker tables from the screen and can work at another computer and therefore it is safe. Real time advice poker software. Works with any poker rooms.

The software can in real time show optimal play solutions for preflop and postflop. Suitable for hold'em HU, 3-max,  4-max, 6-max, 8-max, 9-max tables, for tournaments or cash games and for PLO 6-max.

In addition, it can save hand history for any room and then you can have statistics.

Do not run the software on the same computer with party, stars, 888, gg network, there were already several bans.

Download 3 day trial:

Skype ant0hind


Read setting


Open the Table Settings, put a tick for example, just read the board. Check the OCR debug checkbox to display the read coordinates over the screen. Change the coordinates, click the checkbox OCR debug to update. 

Further, we similarly set up reading of other parameters, if necessary.

Coordinates can be specified manually or with help of pointer - click on the button with sight, move pointer and change size, press button again to save.

You may be more comfortable to customize coordinates using a screenshot of your screen.

If you play in several poker rooms, you can make separate copies of program for each room or copy the file with the coordinates  settings/tablemap.

Coordinates should be indicated as shown in the picture below, not cutting characters and not capturing a lot of extra space.

if nothing read, check scale display settings. It must be 100%, otherwise the program will not work.

Fonts and cards may differ in different rooms, if something is not recognized - press OCR debug so that the coordinates are visible and send me a screenshots via skype or discord, where can see table and PokerReader window and i add new characters to the program memory and everything will read ok.


Operating modes. General Settings.

Put information into file.

When this mode is turned on, the program constantly adds all the data read from tables to a text file. You can use it in any of your software. For example, you want to make your own program that will prompt during the game or save a history or even play on your own.

Looks for the solution file and copies it to the folder.

When showing the flop, the program searches for the appropriate files with a solution for it. Supported files are PioSolver, GTO +, SimplePostflop. Next, you independently open the solution file in your solver and see.

    If you have several files for each flop, for example for different positions, the program will find them all and you will need to select the one you need manually. You can name solution files as it is more convenient, but the flop must be at the end, for example BUvBB2c3cAh or BU3betEP9cJdKh.

The first folder is where all your solutions are located; subdirectories are permissible.

The second folder - where the program will copy the file with the desired flop, open this directory in your solver.

    You must specify the file resolution in the format field. If you have not calculated all the flops, select "most similar" in the flops field - then the program will look for the most similar flop (you can have any number of flops)

Automatically show the solution in GTO+.

Automatic interaction with GTO+ solver. Desired solution, tree nodes and turn and river cards are shown automatically. Now it works for 6,8,9-max cash games and 8-max straddle games. Copy the file PokerReader/Data/customconnect.txt to GTO/tmp folder. Run GTO+. If the solution file does not open automatically, check your firewall is not blocking 55143 port.

    Download free solutions for GTO+

Also, you can make your own solutions and just replace the files, but do not change the folder names. 

    Free solutions files have 1 bet sizing and low accuracy, paid solutions have 2 bet sizes on all streets and high accuracy.

    You can buy ready-made solutions (two bet sizes on all streets 40 and 75%, accuracy 0.5% dEV).

GTO+ 6max cash solutions: you can see the list of situations and download sample files here All files are 17 situations, each contains 1755 files for each flop, all costs 150$. 
GTO+ 9max cash solutions: you can see the list of situations and download sample files here All files are 29 situations, each contains 1755 files for each flop, all costs 250$.

GTO+ 8max straddle cash solutions: you can see the list of situations and download sample files here All files are 17 situations, each contains 1755 files for each flop, all costs 150$. 

Automatically show the solution in Checkmath.

Automatic interaction with Checkmath software. Desired solution, preflop scenario, hole cards, flop, turn and river are set automatically.  Suitable for 6-max, 3-max, Heads-up,  tournaments or cash games.

Show preflop range viewer.

The program automatically shows the necessary preflop charts for your position, stack and situation in a separate window for each table. All charts you can edit yourself by opening the "Preflop Ranges" button.

Show postflop range viewer.

The program shows the postflop solutions in a separate window for each table.

There are 2 options here - either these are solutions calculated in the built-in solver, or the solutions loaded into the program from solvers PioSolver, GTO+, SimplePostflop. To calculate all the flops in the built-in solver, click "Postflop Solver". To import or view strategies, click "Postflop Ranges".

If the program shows imported solutions, it finds the most similar flop of the loaded ones. It is not necessary to import all solutions at once. In this case, you can edit the list of flops in the file Settings\active flop subset.

Save hand history.

The program records hand history and saves it in the HandHistory folder. This hand history can be imported into any tracker and accordingly have full statistics for all opponents, and the ability to analyze the game.

You need to read hole cards, board, stacks, bets, names.

Indicate your nickname as the program reads it, select the type of game, specify the blinds for cash game.

What to read (Table Settings).

To search for a file with a solution, we only read the board.

To display preflop charts read stacks, bets, your hand.

To display postflop solutions we read hole cards, board, stacks, bets.

To preflop and postflop charts and save history, reading a button is necessary only for 3-max and heads up.

All your settings, including read coordinates, preflop charts and postflop solutions are stored in the "Settings" folder. After buying, receiving a new version, updating - replace this folder with yours to save your settings.

You can see the price, how to pay or ask questions at the bottom of this page. Or contact Skype ant0hind

You can watch all videos on my YouTube channel

Below you can see some videos (turn on subtitles) :

Initial setup:

Automatic interaction with GTO+ solver. Desired solution, tree nodes and turn and river cards are shown automatically:

3max spins, PokerReader + Checkmath:

Post-flop solver:

Preflop charts, postflop solver, live session:

Charts for All-in or Fold - GG Network

Hand history grabber function:

GG network Rush&Cash, live session:

Post-Flop Strategy :

Spin&Go Post-Flop :

Cost - $20 per month by subscription, 3 months $50, year $150, lifetime license $350, source code (C#) $900.

Payment Methods:


2. BTC 3D1KbsX7n3GXznK97mJCbHYE5dBdNKMHnu (min. 0.0005)

3. Ethereum 0xCECdB0f7Bbe2a7C735cE3D0624A6FecB03694E20

4. Mastercard 5599 0020 1133 7062

5. WebMoney Z265583728803

Then send license file and tell me via skype ant0hind or discord. And I will give you a version for the appropriate time.

Now there is opportunity to buy software with source code (C#) for $ 900, then you can make any changes to the program yourself or with the help of another programmer. Or you can rebrand or simply change the name of the program, or use its code in your software. I will always answer questions about working with my code. Or we can agree on some refinement of the program or the addition of new functions for you for an additional fee.

All future upgrades are included with any purchase.

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