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I represent one more my poker software. It reads data from the poker tables from the screen and can work at another computer and therefore it is safe. Real time advice poker software. Works with any poker rooms.

The software can in real time show optimal play solutions for preflop and postflop. Suitable for HU, 3-max and 6-max tables, for tournaments or cash games.

In addition, it can save hand history for any room and then you can have statistics.

Do not run the software on the same computer with party, stars, 888, gg network, there were already several bans.

Download 10 day trial:

Skype ant0hind

Video (turn on subtitles) :

Initial setup:

Preflop Charts:

Work with postflop solver during the game:

Postflop charts. Import solutions from solvers:

Postflop solver:

Preflop charts, postflop solver, live session:

Charts for All-in or Fold - GG Network

Hand history grabber function:

Read setting


Open the Table Settings, put a tick for example, just read the board. Check the OCR debug checkbox to display the read coordinates over the screen. Change the coordinates, click the checkbox OCR debug to update. 

Further, we similarly set up reading of other parameters, if necessary.

Coordinates can be specified manually or with help of pointer - click on the button with sight, move pointer and change size, press button again to save.

You may be more comfortable to customize coordinates using a screenshot of your screen.

If you play in several poker rooms, you can make separate copies of program for each room or copy the file with the coordinates  settings/tablemap.

Coordinates should be indicated as shown in the picture below, not cutting characters and not capturing a lot of extra space.

if nothing read, check scale display settings. It must be 100%, otherwise the program will not work.

Fonts and cards may differ in different rooms, if something is not recognized - you just play with the OCR log checkbox, then send me via spype OCRlog file in which unrecognized characters will be saved. I add new characters to the program memory and everything will read ok.

Cost - $20 per month by subscription, 3 months $50, year $150, lifetime license $400.

Payment Methods:

1. Skrill

2. Neteller

Then send license file and tell me via skype ant0hind. And I will give you a version for the appropriate time.

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